Experienced Legal Representation in NJ & NY

During the past thirty years, Joel J. Reinfeld has represented individuals and business owners in a broad range of civil and municipal legal matters in New Jersey and New York. He takes the time to review with you the specific issues pertinent to your case. Based upon his expertise, experience, and knowledge, he works with you to develop and to implement the most effective legal strategy possible to achieve your desired results.

Primary Areas of Legal Practice in New York and New Jersey

The Law Offices of Joel J. Reinfeld focuses on primarily the following areas of practice:

  • Family Law: Any matter brought to Family Court requires a high degree of sensitivity given the nature of issues involved in divorce, child custody, and support. We also provide representation in adoption, juvenile matters, and issues with Child Protective Services. Additionally, in the event you have an old New Jersey restraining order against you (FRO), we can work with you to dissolve the order and to expunge any criminal records for contempt associated with violating it.
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Law: Due to the complexities involved in commercial real estate issues, experienced and effective legal representation is essential. Additionally, residential real estate transactions have increased in complexity. Since Mr. Reinfeld ran a Title Division for a Major Bank, he has extensive knowledge concerning title issues as well as other real estate matters.
  • Commercial Transactions: If you are buying or selling a business, competent legal representation is essential. Mr. Reinfeld can provide some for you.
  • Municipal and Town Court Matters: Driving violations, including DUI/DWI, drug possession charges, etc., have significant personal and financial consequences if you are convicted.  Joel J. Reinfeld protects your rights and provides legal representation to minimize the effects of such charges and he can help clear up your criminal record.

When you need legal representation you can trust, contact Joel J. Reinfeld at 201-408-5581. Our staff responds to all inquiries within 24 hours.