Commercial Transaction Lawyer in Rockland County, NJ, Bergen County NJ, and NYC

HandshakeRegardless of whether you are starting a sole proprietorship or expanding a large company, the service of a seasoned commercial transaction attorney in NYC and Bergen County NJ is critical. Businesses owners face a multitude of complex decisions that have considerable legal implications, such as the formation of corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships, employment contracts, franchising issues, succession planning, and buyouts. For more than 30 years, Joel Reinfeld has provided a broad range of effective legal services involving commercial transactions in Bergen County NJ and NYC for businesses of all sizes.

Commercial Transactions in NYC and Bergen County NJ

Retaining a trusted and skilled commercial transactions lawyer is the cornerstone of a sound risk management strategy for every business. Joel Reinfeld has extensive experience providing legal counsel involving commercial transaction for companies in every state of development. His expertise in legal matters pertaining to commercial law provides the basis for practical advice business owners use to make sound decisions that have bottom line implications. In addition, he ensures contracts are structured to minimize the risk and expense of future litigation.

Some examples of the commercial transactions handled by Joel Reinfeld Law Offices include the following:

  • Formation of business entities, such as corporations and limited liability partnerships
  • Contract negotiations
  • Asset sales
  • Drafting agreements involving shareholders and partnerships
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Employment and independent contractor contracts and agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements
  • Resolution of commercial disputes through mediation, arbitration, or litigation
  • Succession planning
  • Buyouts
  • Franchising matters
  • Corporate governance
  • Licensing matters
  • Corporate policy and procedure

By taking advantage of the knowledge and expertise of a commercial transaction lawyer in Bergen County NJ and NYC, such as Joel Reinfeld, you can focus your attention on the management and operations of your enterprise.

Commercial Transaction Attorney in NYC and Bergen County NJ

Whether you are running a startup or an established Fortune 500 company, you need robust legal representation in matters involving commercial transactions in Bergen County NJ and NYC. Contact Joel Reinfeld today to retain the services of a seasoned commercial transaction lawyer in NYC and Rockland County NY.