Joel Reinfeld is a reputable and skilled DWI attorney in Bergen County NJ you should consult with if you have been charged with drug possession or a DUI. This allows the DUI lawyer time to review the information related to your case with you, in addition to any evidence available, to ascertain if law enforcement followed all policies and procedures when you were detained. Your charges could possibly be dropped in the event the arresting officer failed to follow the standards for arresting an individual for drug possession and DUI. A DUI lawyer could potentially arrange for a reduced sentence with the prosecutor. It’s important that you hire an established and respected drug possession lawyer in Wood-Ridge NJ because the penalties for even a minor substance possession may be serious.

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Regardless of whether your drug charges sentence is brief or long they can still weigh significantly in your life, making it crucial that you hire a leading drug possession attorney in Bergen County NJ immediately after you have been taken into custody. Fines, time behind bars, or even Federal charges can be enforced upon you as a result of the quantity of drugs you are accused of at the time you were taken into custody. Having a drug conviction on your record may result in it being tough to locate employment since most companies are hesitant about hiring people that have served a sentence behind bars. These are all reasons why calling a drug possession lawyer in Northern NJ with experience you’re able to depend on is important.

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An experienced drug possession lawyer such as Joel Reinfeld reviews the circumstances surrounding your arrest to be able to develop a legal strategy to defend you against a conviction. For instance, if you are detained for illegal possession of prescription medications for which a doctor prescribed to you legitimately, odds are a judge is going to dismiss the charges. Evidence may be thrown out in the event the authorities didn’t possess the appropriate legal motives to search you or your car at the time. Alternative sentences, such as pre-trial intervention, may be coordinated by a skilled drug possession attorney in Bergen County NJ like Joel Reinfeld even if all the appropriate processes were followed and you are convicted.

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Considering that being sentenced for a DUI includes significant monetary consequences and time behind bars, hiring a DWI attorney in Bergen County NJ is essential to fighting the accusations against you. Showing that the police officer lacked the evidence to submit sobriety tests or the breathalyzer test are some of the strategies a DUI lawyer uses to fight your charges. To discover more information in regards to the legal approaches used to battle these types of charges as a drug possession and DUI lawyer in Bergen County NJ, contact Joel Reinfeld, an expert DUI level in Bergen County NJ.