In the case that you happen to be accused of a DUI or drug possession get in touch with an established and professional DWI lawyer in Bergen County NJ such as Joel Reinfeld. This allows the DWI lawyer time to review the information related to your case with you, as well as any evidence available, to ascertain if law enforcement followed all policies and procedures when you were detained. Your charges could potentially be dropped in the event the arresting officer failed to follow the standards for arresting an individual for drug possession and DUI. A DUI attorney could potentially arrange for a reduced sentence with the prosecutor. Since the penalties for drug possession are even more severe, a person arrested even for simple possession needs to retain the services of an extremely experienced and skilled drug possession lawyer in Northern NJ as quickly as possible after they have been detained.

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Regardless of whether your substance charges sentence is brief or long they can nevertheless weigh considerably in your life, which makes it crucial that you hire a top drug possession lawyer in Bergen County NJ immediately after you’ve been taken into custody. You can potentially face a required sentence, which involves financial penalties, years of prison, as well as Federal charges contingent on the amount of drugs alleged to be in your possession during the time of your arrest. Having a drug conviction on your record may result in it being difficult to locate employment since the majority of companies are reluctant about hiring individuals that have served a sentence behind bars. These are all reasons why calling a drug possession lawyer in North NJ with experience you can depend on is essential.

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An experienced drug possession attorney such as Joel Reinfeld reviews the circumstances surrounding your arrest in order to come up with a legal strategy to defend you against a conviction. For instance, if you are detained for illegal possession of prescription drugs that a doctor legitimately prescribed to you, odds are a judge is going to dismiss the charges. In other instances, if the police officer searched your vehicle or possessions without the proper reason to do so, what they located may be unusable in court. Alternate sentences, such as pre-trial intervention, could be coordinated by an experienced drug possession attorney in Bergen County NJ like Joel Reinfeld even if all the appropriate procedures were followed and you’re convicted.

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Because a conviction for driving under the influence carries considerable financial penalties as well as jail time, retaining a DUI lawyer in Bergen County NJ is essential to defending you against the charges you face. Fighting the outcome of the breathalyzer test and whether or not the officer acted within regulations to conduct sobriety evaluations are some of the approaches used by a DWI attorney. To find out more about defenses against drug possession or DUI charges, call Joel Reinfeld, an experienced DWI lawyer in North NJ.