In the case that you have been accused of a DUI or drug possession call an established and professional DUI lawyer in Bergen County NJ such as Joel Reinfeld. This allows the DWI attorney time to review the details of your case with you, as well as any available evidence, to ascertain if law enforcement followed all policies and procedures when you were arrested. Your charges could possibly be dropped in the event the arresting officer did not follow the standards for arresting an individual for drug possession and DUI. A DUI attorney could potentially arrange for a reduced sentence with the prosecutor. It is important that you hire an established and respected drug possession attorney in Allendale NJ because the penalties for even a minor substance possession could be serious.

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Since drug-related convictions have both short and long-term life changing consequences, it is vital that you contact a veteran drug possession attorney in Bergen County NJ as soon as you’re able following your arrest. You could possibly face a mandatory sentence, which involves financial penalties, years of prison, as well as Federal charges contingent on the amount of drugs alleged to be in your possession at the time of your arrest. People convicted of possessing illegal drugs also have trouble finding employment after they’ve served their time in prison because employers usually do not often hire individuals with drug convictions on their records. These are all reasons why contacting a drug possession attorney in Northern NJ with experience you’re able to count on is essential.

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A legal strategy will need to be created following a professional drug possession lawyer like Joel Reinfeld analyzes the facts connected with your detainment. For instance, the judge will most likely drop the charges if you are taken into custody for the unlawful ownership of prescription medications that a physician actually approved for you. Evidence may be thrown out if the authorities failed to have the right legal motives to search you or your car at that time. Even if law enforcement followed all protocols throughout their investigation along with your arrest and you’re convicted, an experienced drug possession lawyer in Bergen County NJ with experience you can count like Joel Reinfeld may be able to negotiate an alternative sentence, including pre trial intervention.

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Because a conviction for driving under the influence carries substantial financial penalties as well as jail time, retaining a DWI attorney in Bergen County NJ is necessary to defending you against the charges you face. A few of the defense strategies used by a DUI lawyer include challenging the validity of a breathalyzer test or proving the officer did not have probable cause to need sobriety tests. To find out more details regarding the legal tactics used to battle these types of charges as a drug possession and DUI lawyer in Bergen County NJ, get in touch with Joel Reinfeld, an skilled DUI level in Bergen County NJ.