Should you have been charged with DUI or drug possession, you need to call an experienced and skilled DWI attorney in Bergen County NJ like Joel Reinfeld as soon as possible to start working on your defense strategy. This makes it possible for the DWI lawyer to review the details of your case with you and also evaluate any existing evidence to conclude if the authorities abided to all of the guidelines and processes during the time of your arrest. Your charges could potentially be dropped if the arresting officer failed to follow the standards for arresting an individual for drug possession and DUI. In other cases, a DUI attorney could possibly arrange for a lighter penalty agreement with the prosecutor. Even for a petty possession charges, it’s crucial that you hire a proficient and educated drug possession attorney in Bergen County NJ to avoid severe penalties.

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As drug-related convictions have both short and long term life changing consequences, it is vital that you get in touch with a seasoned drug possession lawyer in Bergen County NJ as soon as you are able following your arrest. Fines, time behind bars, or even Federal charges could be enforced upon you as a result of the amount of drugs you’re accused of at the time you were taken into custody. Having a drug conviction on your record will result in it being tough to find employment since most companies are reluctant about hiring individuals who have served a sentence behind bars. These are all reasons why getting in touch with a drug possession lawyer in Northern NJ with experience you can count on is important.

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An experienced drug possession attorney such as Joel Reinfeld reviews the circumstances surrounding your arrest as a way to develop a legal strategy to defend you against a conviction. For example, if you’re detained for illegal possession of prescription drugs that a physician prescribed to you legitimately, chances are a judge will dismiss the charges. In other instances, in the event the law enforcement officer didn’t need reason to search your premises or belongings, the evidence obtained through this illegal search may be suppressed. Even if law enforcement followed all protocols throughout their investigation as well as your arrest and you’re convicted, an expert drug possession attorney in North NJ with experience you can count such as Joel Reinfeld may have the ability to negotiate an alternative sentence, like pre trial intervention.

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Since a conviction for driving under the influence carries substantial financial penalties as well as jail time, retaining a DUI attorney in Bergen County NJ is vital to defending you against the charges you face. Several of the defense strategies used by a DUI attorney include challenging the validity of a breathalyzer test or demonstrating the officer didn’t have probable cause to need sobriety tests. As a educated DUI lawyer in Bergen County NJ with experience you can count, Joel Reinfeld should be consulted to find out more in reference to the defenses against illegal substance or DWI charges.