Your choice of a family lawyer in Bergen County NJ or North NJ can have an important effect on not only your life, but also that of your children. While an established lawyer in family court proceedings is very important, the lawyer that you chose on your behalf must be just as well-versed in the extreme affections involved with domestic legal disputes. Joel Reinfeld understands the delicate nature of family law issues. He combines the legal skills he refined while working as a Federal law clerk to George Kazen, a U.S District Court Judge in Texas, with an empathetic and compassionate approach. Get in touch with the Law Offices of Joel Reinfeld to arrange a conference for hiring a leading choice when you need a family lawyer in River Edge NJ for adoptions, to expand your family, or a divorce, to cleanly part with your current one.

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Joel Reinfeld is a trustworthy and reliable domestic violence attorney in Bergen County NJ that can professionally handle the most complex cases of family law that pertain to aggravated assault, whether it be physical or emotional. Promptly following an incident, victims have to reach out to a seasoned restraining order lawyer to ensure their safety, along with that of any children. Those confronting domestic violent charges that may be devastating to one’s livelihood need to promptly retain a criminal defense attorney, as well. If required, meeting bail, formulating dismissal requests or reduced charges, and managing weapons accusations can be handled by your attorney, also. A domestic abuse lawyer in North NJ has to be able to deal with the problems with sensitive issues like custody and support of the children involved.

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While your divorce lawyer likely handled guardianship and support issues when you officially dissolved your marriage, problems frequently arise later that require the legal services provided by a child custody attorney in Bergen County NJ. Sometimes the parent who has physical custody of the child may need to move across the country and the non-custodial parent may have concerns in regards to a number of issues associated with the relocation. Another source of argument between former partners is the choice of one to remarry and custody issues may surface. A veteran child custody lawyer in Northern NJ can ensure you maintain your relationship with your children and that they receive the financial support necessary to meet their requirements.

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Among the reasons Joel Reinfeld is such a top option for an attorney in Bergen County NJ and there areas in North NJ is the fact that he supplies such a broad selection of services related to various aspects of the law. The following are a few examples:

– Municipal Attorney

– Driving Violation Lawyer

– Commercial And Residential Real Estate Attorney

– Family Attorney

– DUI Attorney

– Adoption Attorney

– Commercial Transaction Lawyer

In case your children ever commit an incriminating act, it is in your best interest to employ a family lawyer in Bergen County NJ for the first court appearance at a minimum. With proficiency in both criminal defense and juvenile law, hiring Joel Reinfeld swings the table in your favor. To arrange a preliminary conference with a trustworthy and knowledgeable family lawyer in River Edge NJ or the rest of Bergen County NJ get in touch with the Law Offices of Joel Reinfeld right away!