When you’re in need of a reliable and strategic municipal or driving violation lawyer in Bergen County NJ, call the offices of Joel Reinfeld. Joel Reinfeld has the information and background needed to effectively fight for your legal rights as a result of his thirty years of experience with a broad array of criminal and civil court cases. You deserve legal representation that is truly dedicated to getting you the outcome you deserve, which is what Joel Reinfeld strives to accomplish with every single client. No matter what situation you find yourself in, your best move if you want a town court attorney in Cresskill NJ would be to contact Joel Reinfeld.

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Joel Reinfeld’s experience extends far beyond the area despite the fact that has practiced town court lawyer in Bergen County NJ for many years. Following law school, Joel Reinfeld served as the federal law clerk to George Kazen, where he developed a solid foundation in practicing law effectively and responsibly. He served as federal law clerk to George Kazen following law school. Here he developed a strong background with regard to practicing law both effectively and responsibly. Your legal representation will only benefit from this high level of experience. In all of your legal issues, Joel Reinfeld understands that dependability and honesty, in addition to strategic ability and knowledge, are the cornerstones of effective legal representation.

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Joel Reinfeld offers representation for commercial transactions, real estate law, and family law cases in addition to being a top town court attorney in Bergen County NJ. Family law is among the office’s specialties. This consists of cases including juvenile court cases, adoptions and divorce. But Joel Reinfeld represents clients in a wide selection of legal matters, including restraining orders and drug charges. Joel Reinfeld can help minimize the financial and personal consequences in the event that you’ve been charged with a DUI or drug possession or have a restraining order out against you.

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Few will argue that divorce is a difficult time for families and individuals alike. One of the only things that can help resolve the situation with less stress is an extremely-educated family attorney such as Joel Reinfeld. Let the offices of Joel Reinfeld walk you through the process and protect your interests during a divorce as opposed to struggling through the paperwork by yourself or with an attorney who is bogged down with other clients. The associated legal issues which come with divorce including child custody and support are matters he is able to help with as well. This is going to be a confusing an emotional time. This makes having someone on your side dedicated to make sure you receive the most favorable results possible in your divorce case all the more important.

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Joel Reinfeld is the lawyer for you if you own property either for yourself personally or in a business capacity and require the services of a residential or commercial real estate lawyer in Bergen County NJ. When it concerns real estate law, he can represent you when you are faced with real estate issues and have questions which have to be answered. Joel Reinfeld is able to assist you in getting the result you deserve whether you are investing in property personally or you need representation for a large business deal.

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Make Joel Reinfeld your first call whether you need a municipal court or driving violation lawyer in Cresskill NJ or for any other type of legal situation.