Since real estate transactions involve a substantial sum of money as well as a substantial degree of intricacy, retaining an experienced and educated real estate lawyer in Bergen County NJ for both residential and commercial property transfers is crucial. Sharing a lawyer with the seller or buyer is something some people do to conserve money, but since the attorney isn’t focused exclusively on a single party’s interest this could be a bad idea. Sometimes seasoned homebuyers opt to not have a residential real estate attorney review the contracts and documentation with the purchase of a house because they’ve been through process. Every real estate transaction is different however, and you put yourself at risk by foregoing legal representation. Also, the housing crisis has resulted in some of the laws relating to mortgages being altered, making the transaction more complex. Make certain that you do not have any unexpected surprises and that your transaction goes smoothly by contacting a top choice for a residential and commercial real estate attorney in Bergen County NJ, Joel Reinfeld.

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By retaining a residential real estate attorney in Bergen County NJ such as Joel Reinfeld to represent your interests in a property transaction, you are bringing an objective voice to the table. Even in the event that you’ve purchased or sold homes numerous times, it is easy to allow your judgment to be clouded by emotion. Evaluating all facets of the transaction, including the financing arrangements, the title review, and all inspection reports is something a residential estate attorney will help with. Additionally, the real estate attorney can additionally attend the closing to deal with any problems which could come up. Hiring a residential real estate lawyer in Saddle River NJ is additionally a good idea so they can review your situation if you are facing the risk of foreclosure, helping you to save your home.

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Joel Reinfeld is also experienced as a commercial real estate lawyer in Bergen County NJ. The transfer of commercial real estate carries with it many complexities, which makes it essential to employ someone with experience. The ways that property is able to be developed and re-developed are constantly being altered as communities adopt master plans. As a commercial real estate lawyer who’s additionally a commercial transaction attorney in Bergen County NJ, Joel Reinfeld is able to assist in addressing zoning issues in addition to other aspects of the purchase and sale of commercial real estate and businesses.

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Since starting his law practice in 1983, Joel Reinfeld has become the top choice for many home and business owners in the local area looking for a top real estate lawyer in Bergen County NJ. He credits his amazing legal knowledge and skills to his experience working as a law clerk to George Kazen, a US District Judge in the Southern District in Loredo, TX. Joel Reinfeld is also a member of the bar in 5 states, which includes NJ and NY. Contact Joel Reinfeld whether you are searching for a commercial or residential real estate attorney in Saddle River NJ.