Businessman showing a documentOften people discount the seriousness of legal matters that go before municipal court in Bergen County NJ or town court in Rockland County, NY and do not secure legal representation. The fact of the matter is that even minor traffic offenses carry significant penalties and consequences, including fines, fees, and increased insurance costs. Other minor criminal offenses, such as shoplifting and disorderly conduct, can result in jail time and or community service if you are convicted. For more than three decades, Joel Reinfeld has provided his clients with robust and effective legal representation in a broad array of matters involving municipal courts in NYC and Bergen County, NJ.

Skilled Legal Services for Town and Municipal Court Matters in NYC and Rockland County, NJ

Matters that appear before town and municipal courts in Bergen County NJ and NYC range from dog barking complaints to marijuana possession charges. Even a person charged with a felony offense appears before a municipal court judge. By retaining the services of an experienced municipal court attorney in Bergen County NJ and NYC, an individual is less likely to receive the maximum sentence if he or she is found guilty. In addition, a skilled municipal court attorney can develop a legal strategy that results in acquittal or dismissal of the charges.

Some examples of municipal court matters in Rockland County, NJ and NYC handled by Joel Reinfeld include:

  • Misdemeanor criminal offenses, such as shoplifting, petty theft, disorderly conduct, and bad checks
  • Traffic offenses including DUI/DWI charges and leaving the scene of an accident
  • Minor drug charges, such as marijuana possession
  • Violation of local ordinances such as Fish and Game Regulations and SPCA animal protection laws
  • Arraignments for indictable offenses

In addition, Joel Reinfeld works with the local prosecutor’s office to try to work out plea deals or to arrange an agreement for the downgrade of an indictable offense so it can be handled in a municipal court. In the event of a conviction, Joel Reinfeld can review the case to determine if appealing the case is advisable.

To consult with an experienced and skilled municipal and town court lawyer in Bergen County, NJ and NYC, contact the Law Offices of Joel Reinfeld today!