As a DUI lawyer in Bergen County NJ, Joel Reinfeld is going to begin his negotiation of your defense as soon as he’s hired, which can occasionally happen even prior to your charges being filed. People who find themselves faced with a DUI or DWI charge in the state of NJ find that they’re facing stiff penalties that may include jail time or loss of your license. In order to avoid the possible disasters which may happen, call Joel Reinfeld as soon as you possibly can in the event that you’ve been pulled over for a DUI. Contact Joel Reinfeld right away when you’re in need of a DUI lawyer in Rockleigh NJ or the rest of Northern NJ.

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If you are arrested for a DUI/DWI and your blood alcohol level is .08% or greater, the officer is going to confiscate your driver’s license at the time of your arrest. Your license is going to be suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and a 30 day temporary permit will be issued. You need to schedule a DMV hearing within ten business days of your arrest in order to appeal the license suspension. Joe Reinfeld’s substantial degree of experience as a DWI lawyer in Bergen County NJ is going to prove invaluable during his aggressive effort to reverse your license suspension. He is able to mount an aggressive defense to attack the prosecution, making it more likely that your license will not get suspended. Joel Reinfeld is not like most attorneys when it comes to DUI/DWI cases. He’ll make his first priority utilizing his legal wit and proactive mentality to supply you with the second chance you are hoping for. As a top pick for a DWI lawyer in Rockleigh NJ, this is what helps him stand apart from the competition.

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It doesn’t matter the substance that you’re accused of – being in possession having a drug possession lawyer in Bergen County NJ is of great value to minimizing the damage of your charges. You are supplied protection against illegal search and seizure by the police by the 4th amendment, which includes you and your vehicle. Giving them consent is the only exception to this. As a skilled drug possession attorney in Bergen County, NJ, Joel Reinfeld knows how to properly challenge the manner in which the illegal substances are discovered, which can result in a case dismissal. Being wrongfully convicted may result in a lengthy prison sentence or probation, so you shouldn’t ever put yourself at risk needlessly. If you’re facing a drug possession charge and require assistance, Joel Reinfeld is one of the best choices out there for a drug possession lawyer.

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Not only experienced with DUI cases, Joel Reinfeld is an experienced option in the event that you’re looking for a drug possession lawyer in Bergen County NJ. Drug offenses are among the most commonly prosecuted offenses in the state of New Jersey. But being forced into a paying hefty fines or spending time in jail doesn’t automatically follow from an arrest. If you’d like to keep the consequences of criminal charges to a minimum, with the hope of even eliminating them completely, it’s crucial to act quickly. As a drug possession attorney serving Rockleigh NJ, Joel Reinfeld represents clients that are facing felonies or misdemeanors.

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The fact that Joel Reinfeld provides such a wide variety of services relating to many aspects of the law is one of the reasons he’s among the top choices of individuals in search of an attorney in Bergen County NJ and there areas in North NJ. A few examples of these are:

– Municipal Attorney

– Driving Violation Lawyer

– Commercial And Residential Real Estate Attorney

– Family Lawyer

– DUI Lawyer

– Adoption Attorney

– Commercial Transaction Attorney

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If you need an experienced and skilled attorney in Bergen County NJ to help you with drug violation issues or any other legal matters, Joel Reinfeld is the only call you need to make. Call right away!