Charges of driving under the influence of alcohol or drug possession are severe and need to be dealt with by a reputable DUI attorney in Bergen County NJ. In the State of New Jersey, the legal penalties for a conviction for a drunk driving or drug possession charge can and will alter the course of your life. There’s small mercy for first-time drug or alcohol offenders – those convicted may find themselves faced with jail time, massive fines, fees, and other financial charges, and community service obligations, as well as the revocation or revocation of their drivers’ license. By retaining an accomplished and reputable DUI lawyer in Bergen County NJ, like Joel Reinfeld, as soon as possible after your arrest, you provide the DUI or drug possession attorney the time to construct a potent defense to reduce the effects of your charges on your life.

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Going pro se – representing yourself in court – may be enticing to many people because of its seemingly low cost, but the long-term consequences of a DUI conviction are far too grave to risk without the advice of a trained DWI lawyer in Bergen County NJ. New Jersey law defines an influenced driver to be someone who operates a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or more. Some possible outcomes of being convicted of a DUI in New Jersey include::

– Fines

– Fees paid to various agencies

– Incarceration

– Community service

– Interlock ignition device

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These legal injunctions grow more severe upon conviction for a repeat offense. There is no reason to face this alone – retain a knowledgeable DUI lawyer in Bergen County NJ, to provide you with the guidance needed to make it through this difficult process. There are many ways that the prosecution may have sabotaged itself – law enforcement might not have had probable cause to suspect that you were driving under the influence, they may have improperly administered field sobriety tests or the breathalyzer, and the breathalyzer might not have been working properly. Depending on the circumstances of your case, often a skilled DUI attorney, like Joel Reinfeld, can use irregularities in a case to have it dismissed.

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If you have been charged with possession of illegal drugs in your car or on your person, it is important to consult a drug possession lawyer in Bergen County NJ, immediately. In New Jersey, the minimum mandatory sentences imposed for drug possession are severe. Convictions for possessing narcotics while operating a vehicle carry with them the automatic suspension of one’s drivers’ license for a minimum of 2 years. A conviction for possessing of less than 50 gram of any kind of illegal drugs mandates a six-month prison sentence and a $1,000 fine. If you are convicted of possessing more than 50 grams of a controlled substance, the penalties are much higher, particularly if you are arrested within 1,000 feet of a school. Consulting a drug possession attorney in Bergen County NJ, like Joel Reinfeld, will initialize the process of bringing your case – and this stressful period in your life – to a close. Joel Reinfeld has worked for years as a lawyer in Bergen County NJ, and has previously served federal law clerk to George Kazen in the United States District County of Texas’ Southern District. Make an appointment with him today to review your case.