If you’re facing charges of driving under the influence of alcohol or with drug possession, time is of the essence – it’s vital that you contact and retain the services of a reputable drug possession or DWI attorney in Bergen County NJ. The legal consequences of a drunk driving or drug conviction charge in New Jersey are severe, with major implications for your day-to-day life. There’s small mercy for first-time drug or alcohol offenders – those convicted are faced with imprisonment, considerable fines, fees, and other financial charges, and community service obligations, as well as the revocation or revocation of their drivers’ license. It is therefore important to consult with a respectable DWI lawyer in Ridgefield NJ, like Joel Reinfeld as soon as you can after your arrest in order to give the DUI or drug possession attorney in Ridgefield NJ with enough time to examine your case and develop a convincing, personalized defense.

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Given the life altering consequences that a conviction will have on your life, representing yourself, which is known as pro se, is not a workable option meaning you have to retain a DUI lawyer in Ridgefield NJ. New Jersey law defines an intoxicated driver to be one who operates a motor vehicle while having a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent. The courts have a diverse arsenal of potential penalties which they can place upon those found guilty of a DWI in New Jersey, including (but not limited to):

– Fines

– Fees paid to various agencies

– Incarceration

– Community service

– Interlock ignition device

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Every repeat offense brings harsher consequences. There is no reason to go through this alone – retain a reputable DUI lawyer in Bergen County NJ, to supply you with the assistance needed to navigate this difficult process. There are many ways that the prosecution may have defeated itself – police might not have had probable cause to suspect that you were driving impaired, they might have improperly administered field sobriety tests or the breathalyzer, and the breathalyzer may not have been working properly. Depending on the circumstances involved in your case, many times a skilled DWI attorney, like Joel Reinfeld, can use irregularities such as these in a case to have it dismissed.

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If you’ve been arrested for possession of illegal drugs in your car or on your person, it is important to consult a drug possession lawyer in Bergen County NJ, ASAP. New Jersey has mandatory sentencing guidelines and the penalties associated with drug possession are significant. If you are found guilty of possessing drugs or illegal, your drivers’ license will be automatically rescinded for at least 2 years. A conviction for possessing of less than 50 gram of illegal drugs carries a six month jail term and a $1,000 fine. The punishments grow harsher still if you were arrested while possessing more than 50 grams of a controlled substance or within 1,000 feet of a school. It is important to retain the services of a drug possession lawyer in Ridgefield NJ – like Joel Reinfeld – who has your best interests at heart and can work to the impact of these charges on your day-to-day life. Joel Reinfeld has for years worked as an attorney in Bergen County NJ, and has previously served federal law clerk to George Kazen in the US District County of Texas’ Southern District. Make an appointment with him today to start reviewing your case.