Whatever your requirements happen to be, Joel Reinfeld is a top choice for a family attorney in Bergen County NJ. No matter what legal position you discover yourself in, Joel Reinfeld is able to walk you through all the choices as a means of ascertaining the best course of action for your situation. His more than thirty years of experience practicing municipal and family law is what makes this possible. Joel Reinfeld will take the time to really go through every specific detail of your case, so you do not get any less than the finest possible result. This is why clients in need of a family lawyer in Alpine NJ choose Joel Reinfeld.

Attorney Alpine NJ

Joel Reinfeld’s broad range of experience and skills to offer make him a top choice for a family attorney in Bergen County NJ. Joel Reinfeld served as federal law clerk to George Kazen, the United States District Judge of the Southern District of Texas after finishing law school, an experience which has supplied him with a strong foundation of legal knowledge, integrity and reliability in his legal practice. Even after 30 years of experience in law actively, Joel Reinfeld remains active with universities, including University of Pennsylvania and Syracuse University, continually broadening his legal knowledge and abilities. Joel Reinfeld is also a Member of the Bars in five states. This experience means there’s few choices better for a family lawyer in Alpine NJ.

Divorce Attorney Bergen County NJ

The reasons that somebody would require a family attorney in Bergen County NJ are many. A divorce is one of the most trying times for families. Joel Reinfeld is among the most dependable and skilled choices for a divorce attorney, so it will help you immensely to have him on your side during a stressful divorce. Joel Reinfeld is also a compassionate attorney in the event that you require a child custody attorney during or after your divorce. Joel Reinfeld is going to guide you through the process and make sure nothing is left unsettled from the initial filling-out of divorce paperwork until Your family may also be going through a significant change that’s positive, but still need legal representation to make certain everything goes properly and easily. Whether you require an adoption, divorce, or child custody attorney in Alpine NJ, make Joel Reinfeld your first choice.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Alpine NJ

Dealing with acts of alleged acts of violence and abuse are unfortunately something that comes up when dealing with family law. Joel Reinfeld is here to help when you’re in need of a domestic abuse attorney, with many years working with those involved in these kind of charges. Joel Reinfeld is going to leave no stone unturned to reach a favorable and rightful outcome whether you’ve been rightfully or wrongfully charged of violence or you’re a victim of domestic violence seeking representation. When you’re in need of a restraining order attorney in Alpine NJ you know where to turn to thanks to his experience helping people clear their name if they have restraining orders out against them unfairly. All these types of circumstances and more are ones that Joel Reinfeld has experience working with to reduce both the personal and financial impact your legal issues will have on you as well as your family.